The source

Vital Source water is directly pumped from the spring into sanitised holding tanks. The water is then pumped through a 15 micron, 3 micron and then 1 micron filter to remove any foreign particles. The 1 micron filter will remove bacteria. The water then passes through a UV light and an ozone filter, which sterilises and cleanses the water to remove any final bacteria. We then circulate the water through two product water tanks and two 15 micron filters to soften the water. The water is then sent to the bottling machine where it goes through yet another 15 micron filter.  

Vital Source water has a full Australia & New Zealand Food Code 8 Test at the Australian Government Laboratories every 6 months. (see typical analysis below). Our in-house laboratory tests the water daily as per ABWI guidelines to ensure premium quality water at all times.

We do not use chlorine as a final disinfecting agent in our bottled water. We use ozone (03) a form of oxygen, and ultraviolet light. Unlike chlorine, which is commonly used in public water supplies, these methods disinfect water without leaving any after taste or smell.  

And finally our water DOES NOT contain bromate. Bromate is a naturally occurring substance that is sometimes found in springwater. Bromate reacts with the ozone used to sanitise your water, which can lead to stomach upset.

Our water is low in Sodium (salt)

Sodium 9.9
Potassium 0.22
Chloride 4.26
Calcium 0.14
Bicarbonate 3.00
Iron 0.16
Magnesium 1.6
Fluoride 0.1
TDS 60
pH 5.4
The Source


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