Authentic spring water

Vital Source Natural Spring Water is sourced and bottled on the NSW Central Coast Highlands. All our spring water is bottled at the source to avoid contamination by any environmental pollutants. We use the very best sanitising and bottling equipment processes available and complies with the strictest guidelines for water quality. Our bottling plant is approved by the highest regulatory authority in Australia, the ABWI (The Australasian Bottled Water Institute). The processes used are 100% environmentally sympathetic. The site of our water source and bottling plant is surrounded by National Park which guarantees a supply of premium quality, crystal clear, natural spring water, free from both toxic heavy metals and nasty bacteria.

Newcastle owned and operated, Vital Source specialises in filtered water coolers, free standing crocks, hot water dispensers, accessories and more. We offer FREE DELIVERY to small and large orders to both commercial and residential clients.

Single Source


Sourced and bottled on the NSW Central Coast Highlands.

Home & Office


Large or small orders, we cover commercial and residential

Better Tasting


Premium water source surrounded by national park, provides natural purity.


Delivery and service

Newcastle owned and operated, servicing commercial or residential clients; enjoy frequent deliveries to the following regions:

– Newcastle and Lake Macquarie
– Upper and Lower Hunter
– Central Coast

Delivery Locations


89 Racecourse Road
Rutherford NSW 2320

Ph: 02 4015 3101

9am – 4.30pm